Cuprum metallicum
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    Another article in the Astrology section on the new planet Eris, proposing that Eris is a higher octave of Venus
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    Does it Matter? A direct perception from a recent proving, this essay looks at the role of consciousness in existence
  • ** UPDATED **
    Time for a Change of Heart? asks whether the underlying cause of heart disease is staring us right in the face
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... to, the website of Wendy Howard, a homeopathic practitioner from the UK living in Portugal. The site provides information and perspectives on homeopathy; ranging from a Beginner's Guide to published articles and essays for professional homeopaths and students, plus extensive links to online homeopathic resources. It also features a wider perspective on holistic ("alternative" or complementary) therapies, medicine, health and healthcare in general, environmental issues, astrology and related subjects.

Homeopathy challenges our understanding of the world. We've no established mechanism to explain how it could possibly work. Does that mean it's a nonsense peddled to the deluded by a bunch of charlatans? Or does it mean that our present models of existence fall some way short of describing the world as it is? This site aims to provide some food for thought on that subject.

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smeddum &c n 1 a fine powder, specif a finely ground meal or malt; a medicinal powder la17-e20. 2 the pith, strength or essence of a substance la18-e19, only Sc. 3 spirit, energy, drive, vigorous commonsense and resourcefulness la18-, only Sc. [OE smed(e)ma, smeo- fine flour; cf eModEng smitham = n 1]

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