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The following is a case of Kent’s. It was chosen to test the validity of Kent’s criticisms, compare Kent’s and Bönninghausen’s methods, and to illustrate their translation from the original material into the Repertorium Universalis. The graphs repay careful study! The only repertorisations capable of bringing Kent’s prescription into consideration are those using a more inclusive (ie. Bönninghausen-style) approach in the Repertorium Universalis.

“A woman consulted me for a violent rheumatic pain in the shoulder. She came into my office with her arm bound to her side to prevent moving the arm, as the motion of the arm increased the pain in the shoulder, yet the patient walked the floor constantly to ameliorate the pain in that painful shoulder. The pain in the shoulder was worse before a storm. Dulcamara cured at once.” (1)

The graphs below (analysed by number of rubrics) show the case approached from several angles using the original Kent and Bönninghausen repertories (2) and the new Repertorium Universalis.

Repertorisation: This may take some time to load

(1) James Tyler Kent. The View for Successful Prescribing. Homeopathician: 1(1912)140-143 in K-H Gypser (Ed). 1987. Kent’s Minor Writings on Homeopathy, B Jain, New Delhi, p645
(2) Rubrics with remedies and grades from the original German edition of Bönninghausen’s 1846 Therapeutisches Taschenbuch, together with translations, kindly supplied by Hans Weitbrecht.