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I question the AIDS establishment. Join me!

I danced on a Friday when the sky turned black …

“.. I danced on a Friday when the sky turned black.
It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back …”
from Lord of the Dance

Is it any coincidence that these topics are coming up for air in the week before Easter?! Absolutely not! There’s no such thing as coincidence. It’s always sympathetic resonance. Today is Good Friday. And again no accident that I was responding to one of the many emails I’ve had on this subject and got into the darker aspects of what’s going on. After all, the sky turned black on Good Friday.

It all followed on from stumbling across a load of sites questioning the official account of what happened on September 11th 2001 (while following a photo trail for the images for March 23rd’s blog entry). There’s so much on the subject! The passenger lists of the fated aircraft and CCTV records of boarding passengers that throw doubt on the existence of any “Arab terrorists”. The evidence of chemical and civil engineers that attests to the impossibility of such a conflagration resulting from burning aviation fuel alone, or that the destruction of the towers could possibly have happened in the way it did without controlled demolition being involved. The seismic records that register massive shocks the moment before the towers came down. And much more besides.

The Shady Bunch

There’s a strange fascination with this stuff. There’s the impetus to go deeper in search of the truth. To explore just what depths of depravity it’s possible for human beings to sink to. Equally well there’s a resistance, because to follow this trail to its inevitable conclusion takes you into a very very dark, unpleasant, uncomfortable place. One that most people naturally baulk at. To take this on board is to take on board that not just your fellow human beings, but fellow human beings who are supposed to be on your “side”, who are supposed to be looking after your best interests, damn it, are capable of perpetrating acts for which no despicable superlative seems anywhere near adequate.

Few species in nature turn on their own kind. It’s deeply ingrained within us that this behaviour just isn’t natural. Oh sure, we’ve got the odd serial killers amongst us, the odd Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot, but they’re the exception, aren’t they? They’re twisted and warped and pretty inhuman, aren’t they?

Or are they?

Maybe they’re only too human, and our collective inability to countenance that each and every one of us has the latent potential to behave in the same manner is what allows those who know only too well what they’re capable of carte blanche to carry on doing what they’re doing safe in the knowledge that nobody will believe it even when it’s right under their noses.

Shadow issues really don’t get much deeper than this. And yet it remains perfect. Perfect for each of us, collectively and individually, to acknowledge the reflection of our interior landscape. One of the signature features of the nature of cancerous energy is life energy that’s lost its intended focus. The enormous amount of our personal power and responsibility that we’ve handed over to our various leaderships in the naïve trust that they will indeed look after our best interests is beginning to look decidedly misplaced. As indeed it should. Around half of our populations don’t even exercise their right to channel the responsibility they hand over to whoever’s going to take care of things on the collective level. We get the leaders we deserve unfortunately, and these ones would appear to be the culmination of more than a few decades of handing over responsibility in an unfocused and unthinking manner.

So what to do? Run to the light, cut ourselves off from any relation to these people and cling to the positive side of things? Not a bit of it. It doesn’t square with the concept of the oneness of existence and it doesn’t square with the drive towards our own personal psychological integration and integrity. In any case, humanity’s been doing that since forever and all it gets us is more of the same. As far as I can see, only when we can each stand up and say “The power and ability to callously and brutally murder other human beings resides in me as much as in any killer” can we master this side of our natures. Then we are free to choose not to behave that way, and to act in the most appropriate manner in relation to those who choose otherwise. For as long as we are in denial of the possibility, then that potential remains in shadow, and our belief in the depths of depravity to which human beings are capable of descending remains in suspension, which means that we are incapable of effectively dealing with it when it occurs.

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