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I question the AIDS establishment. Join me!

Irrational behaviour take 2

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.”
Nicholas Butler

Computers too, it seems, are prone to bouts of seemingly irrational behaviour. I wonder if that’s been the subject of any systematic studies …

I was on the phone to customer services trying to sort out a solution to my daughter’s temperamental mobile phone. It was suggested I take it in for a software upgrade. Being as I’d mentioned the nearest store I knew of capable of doing this is 30 miles away, the helpful representative checked his system.

“I’m showing one much closer to you than Edinburgh.” he says. Intrigued, I asked him where, fully expecting him to say something like Galashiels which, although in the Scottish Borders, is no nearer than Edinburgh. “Penzance!” he exclaimed triumphantly. “It’s showing as only 12 miles from your location.” I don’t think he was quite prepared for the explosive hoot from my end. Made my day, it did. Penzance is only about 520 miles away from here and about as far away as you can get while still remaining in the British Isles.

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