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Seeing stars

Crop circle at Chute Causeway

Photo © Steve Alexander

“There is nothing too impossible to have happened, there are only things too impossible to be believed.”
Thomas Carlyle

Just back from the south of England where we had the chance to visit this magnificent crop circle.

It was discovered on July 26 close to the Roman road at Chute Causeway and we visited it on July 29. The LCD screens in the cameras behaved themselves, but the energetic impact of the circle was immediately and strongly apparent. What’s more, the energy in each of the 5 main stars was different. We walked the lay, first following the outer perimeter, then the outer boundary of the inner pentagon (or inner boundary of the outermost stars), then the central part of the formation.

The lay goes clockwise. Around the outer perimeter it simply follows the outline of the formation, but around the inner boundaries of the stars the lay loops back on itself in some of the points. There are some lovely swirled nests in the points, as well as in the grapeshots.

We started in the most south-easterly star (number 1 in the picture left) and the minute we turned to walk with the lay all of us felt as if someone had pulled a rug from under our feet – it was like going down a water slide it was so intense and exciting. The inner walk on this one was similarly intense, ful of movement and impetus, invigorating.

The 2nd star was the opposite – much calmer, very relaxing, like floating into a deep pool. At this point my camera battery went into the red, though all things being equal it should have been good a while longer. The inner walk on this one was noticeably draining.

The outer perimeter of the 3rd star had a compressive heaviness which was much more disorientating. On the inner walk it was hard to quantify – a kind of no-thingness about it, profoundly disorientating, and we were really struggling to remember what we’d encountered in the previous stars so at this stage I switched on the video camera to record our impressions since we were losing it so fast. My daughter wandered off into the centre a couple of times inadvertently and the rest of us were also having difficulty concentrating on following the lay.

The outer boundary of the 4th star produced a sensation of heat which had nothing to do with the sun. When we re-entered it on the inner walk, it felt instantly and almost explosively expansive. There was a sensation of vastness and clarity.

The outer perimeter of the 5th star was light and expansive, disorientating through a sensation of floatiness rather than the compression of the 3rd. On the inner walk, it hit us with a strong thirst and my daughter by this time was complaining of a headache.

We then moved into the centre of the formation, intending to walk the outer part of the lay here, but got pulled straight into the centre very powerfully, so just went with it and sat down in a circle around it a while. My son had us all join hands and started up a mexican wave through our arms. By this time we’d been in the formation a couple of hours and a whole minibus-load plus another couple of groups were arriving. A dog with one of the groups ran straight up to us in the centre and sat with us a while before going back to his group. When we got up to go, the dog ran straight back to the centre spot and plonked itself right down on it.

Dog in crop circle

This formation seems like a “good” one to me. In fact, it’s one of the most energetically powerful ones I’ve visited.

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  1. […] different qualities of energy we experienced in each of the 5 stars of this crop formation (see previous post) at Chute Causeway in Hampshire has been nipping at a corner of my mind since we came back like a […]

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