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Hall of mirrors

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Someone wrote to me puzzled about yesterday’s quote from Fred Alan Wolf in the movieĀ What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know!?, “There is no out there out there!” and asked if there’s no “out there”, what’s really happening?

“Reality” only exists “out there” by virtue of consensus co-creation. The more you subscribe to that consensus co-creation, the more solid it appears. (Ever notice how linear time has a tendency to kick in most noticeably when we have to interact with others holding that idea of it? For more on conception of time, see the presentĀ Article of the Moment.) The waking world is no more real than the one we dream. It’s just that waking mind has a lot more definite ideas about things! The Buddhists and other Eastern metaphysical perspectives have recognised this for a long time, as have the more esoteric branches of some of the Western traditions. Now physics is reaching the same conclusions.

This is how “out there” has an uncanny habit of reflecting back to us the issues we have “in here”, because ultimately “out there” is just a Hall of Mirrors. This is how affirmations and visualisations can change what happens for us, though in using those techniques we’re just taking our very first halting unsteady baby steps into the world of conscious creation. This is how the real masters in the Eastern traditions manage to do things like walk through solid walls. They’ve broken through the illusions of waking mind and can consequently relate to the material fabric of existence at a more “realistic” level.

It’s difficult to grasp because waking worldy mind is so puny and limited. We exist in the delusion that waking worldly mind is what determines everything in our lives and is pretty much all there is to us, when really it’s just a distraction, a small side-show to the main event. It can be a pretty noisy side-show at times though and when it starts to interfere with the main event, then the whole show can start to fall apart (= sickness and dis-ease).

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