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I question the AIDS establishment. Join me!

The hit man

“The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired.”
Stephen W Hawking

Bush as saviour. Bush and Christ photo © Timothy Cleary/AFP
Bush as Hitler

Again from another forum, the subject of the present US administration came up. Someone wondered why Gore never fought back, and felt a real opportunity had been lost at that point.

This is my take on all of this.

Gore didn’t fight because somehow he knew he was on a hiding to nothing. He just had to stand aside and let history take its course. What is going on now is nothing short of archetypal. It’s way bigger than any of the individuals involved. Nobody’s controlling it because nobody, individually or collectively, has anywhere approaching the kind of power to do so. All of us are just pieces on the chess-board in the game that the collective consciousness is playing out.

Start from the premise that we are all one. Being all one, then everything is part of that oneness. Which means, essentially, that everything is as it should be. If everything is as it should be, then how can we account for the likes of George W? I think it’s like this …

George W Bush is a pretty special individual and it’s some role he’s taken on for this lifetime. It’s probably as well he seems so vacant in the brain department, because if he wasn’t then I don’t think he could go through with what he’s going to be going through with. His role is absolutely pivotal to these times. As is the role played by the rest of his adminstration, every last one of them.

Many comparisons have been made – with good reason – with Hitler’s Germany in the 30s. Many are openly stating that they believe Bush to be the Antichrist. Probably about as many as believe he has some Christ-like aura. So take the polarisation out of the equation, and what have we got? What is the coin the two sides of which are Christ and Antichrist? What do Jesus and Hitler have in common? As far as I can see, the Christ energy is all about taking the hit for humanity. Being the lightning conductor for the issues that all of us, en masse, need to integrate; and whether you’re doing it consciously with good intent, or being run unconsciously by your shadow, in some ways is not so important.

This is what seems to be the key to Bush’s role. He’s here to take the hit. He’s here to take the hit for the entire corrupt edifice that is corporate immorality in pursuit of pure profit. He’s the means by which we rediscover the heart-centred morality and ethics which has all but wholly disappeared from Western society and fast leaving the East as well as they all get hitched to the $-bandwagon. Laws aren’t the answer. If you have to force morality on people on penalty of whatever, you’re just going to end up with a permanent program of prison-building. Morality has to come from the heart.

So George W is going to be the exemplar. He’s standing up there to be tore down for all he stands for. He and his administration collectively exemplify Western society’s shadow. And all of them are up there, putting it all right in our faces so we can no longer ignore it. So we can look deep within our hearts and find the George W Bush within, the Dick Cheney within, the Donald Rumsfeld within, the Condoleezza Rice within, the Alberto Gonzales within. So we can look at the nations of which we’re part and see that what’s going on behind the scenes to provide the way of life we take for granted is not far from being on a par with the Holocaust. So we finally have to dosomething about it. It’s not just the administration that needs to come down – it’s the entire corrupt corporate culture that underpins Western society. This is why Gore didn’t take the election, why Kerry didn’t either. They’re not the men for the job. Bush is. Because it’s what he stands for, what ensured he got to power in the first place.

So don’t disown George W, whatever you do. We have to own him because otherwise his sacrifice, along with everything else he’s laying waste to, will be in vain. He’s the means by which we own our shadow. We dreamed him into existence for this precise purpose. If we turn our backs on him then we, not he, will have failed the Earth.

But this isn’t all. This is just part of a much bigger picture.

There’s nothing really ‘new’ in this world. It’s all down to how you join the dots and make the connections, and if you look hard enough, you’ll always find someone’s been there before you to light the way; wheels within wheels, spiralling on down the gyre … Looking at energy patterns (working as a homeopath that’s rather inevitable) and how they manifest, macrocosmically and microcosmically, the Bush administration’s relevance to overall patterns seemed altogether rather obvious a while back and so far events are running true to form. Re-election was inevitable. Gonzales’ appointment was inevitable.

People have commented that the Bush program is so extreme that it’s hard to see anything positive coming from it. It is extreme, but that’s an inevitable part of the sea change that’s underway. (Think of the yin-yang symbol.) These guys are just, well “guys” (see below); effigies for burning. They’re just the tip of the iceberg. The real menace lies in the energy pattern which they represent. This pattern manifests also in the faceless corporations whose interests are so well served by the present administration, in the rest of society which allows them to carry on doing what they do (“anything for an easy existence, just don’t make me think for myself”), and in the homes, hospitals and hospices filled with those suffering from the second most common cause of death in most of Western society.

Our corporations are the tumours in the body of society. Like cancer in an individual person, they have no sense of a purposeful role in the body. All they know how to do is to grow, even if there’s no sound reason for doing so. They’ve got to keep growing, got to keep appropriating more of the body’s energy and resources. Cancer is so rife in Western society today because our collective energy is cancerous, our thinking is cancerous, and you can see reflections of the dis-ease pattern everywhere, on all levels. This is what is coming into consciousness in all kinds of ways so that our entire society can recognise it’s time to dance to a different tune. And it’s coming to consciousness in a manner in which we can realise how we’re allimplicated.

The surgeon’s knife is no cure, because the fundamental dis-eased energy hasn’t changed and other tumours will just pop up elsewhere (this is why changing the administration or taking out the odd Enron won’t work). Radiation is no cure (and I sincerely hope that it won’t get tried on a societal level over the next while) because it tends to deplete the patient to too great an extent, again without altering the fundamental energetic signature.

Cancer, at base, is about life energy which has lost its intended focus, individually and in society as a whole. The cure is for each and every one of us to step into our own lives, to think for ourselves, live for ourselves, come from our own hearts, and to express ourselves for who we truly and uniquely are. Blindly defering to the interests, opinions and agendas of others just because they seem to have some power or knowledge greater than our own is out. Abrogating responsibility to others for things that intimately affect our lives is out. Selflessly putting all our energies at the service of others without engaging it though the proper channels is out. Turning a blind eye to corporate misdemeanours while continuing to buy their products is out. You get the drift, I’m sure. (And it will take some time … it’s not like too many of us have an option to immediately stop buying gas/petrol or heating oil because the oil companies are ripping up another part of Alaska. Alternative renewable energy sources need to be installed, but they could do with a lot more support.)

Seems more than just a little strange to be touting George W Bush as the cure for cancer, but in a funny kind of way it appears to be what he’s all about! On a societal level, he’s one of the principal catalysts by which we’re going to move out of this energy.

“All actions take place in time by the interweaving of the forces of nature, but the man lost in selfish delusion thinks that he himself is the actor.”
Bhagavad Gita

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