Wendy Howard

“ To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour. ”
William Blake

“ We are a part of Nature as a whole whose order we follow. ”
Spinoza, Ethics, 1673

About me

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I come from a medical background, studied biology at university, then spent many years working in a variety of other areas in the UK, Europe and the US before discovering the effectiveness of homeopathy for myself. It brought me round full circle, reawakened my passion for scientific exploration (which had gone into hibernation through the increasingly myopic focus encouraged in conventional university education), and inspired me to train as a homeopathic practitioner. I've been practicing homeopathy since 1998, graduating after four years of study at the Edinburgh College of Homeopathy. I hold the licentiateship and diploma in homeopathy awarded by this college. When resident in the UK, I was also a Registered Member of the UK Society of Homeopaths (RSHom).

After graduating I'd hoped to deepen my knowledge by spending some time studying with various well-known and respected homeopaths. But life just didn't work out that way and although seminars are a regular feature of my calendar, my main learning has been through the many remedy trials (provings) that have come my way and the independent research and explorations into the nature of the therapy – its history and its mechanisms of action – they've prompted. The "teaching" I've had through these experiences has been far deeper and more profound than anything I could possibly have learned in a college or university. The energies of the natural world have no dogma, prescribed methodology, or intellectual conceit. They reveal fundamental process, and transcend dualism to give coherence and meaning to not just the healing experience, but the very nature of life itself. They are freely available to anyone who approaches them with a willingness to learn. I can thoroughly recommend them. I even learned HTML thanks to a proving. There's no predicting what they might teach!

Being a compulsive philosophical jigsaw-puzzler, my studies over the last two decades have also included Jungian psychology, Eastern spiritual traditions, various philosophies, quantum mechanics and recent developments in physics, astrophysics, astrology, anthropology, mythology, other 'alternative' medical systems, crop circles and anything else that seems in the least bit relevant to an undertsanding of the fundamental nature of life, health and dis-ease.

I've practiced in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders where I lived with my 3 children before moving to Portugual in 2010. I'm currently taking a sabbatical from practice to have more time for building the foundations of our life here and to follow up on research interests, including pursuing the connection between cardiovascular disease and environmental nitrate pollution. I also contribute to international homeopathic research projects, have published articles in professional journals in both the UK and Europe, beta-test various homeopathic software, and continue to take part in, and occasionally organise provings. There's also a book in the early stages of being written. Correction: it's now decided it wants to be a website. watch this space.

Beyond the quest for a simple, self-sufficient and eco-friendly lifestyle and the ultimate in wheel reinvention, I earn my pennies doing graphic and web design, spending any remaining time singing and sculpting rocks and the odd bit of wood.


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