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A thorough and comprehensive guide to homeopathic internet resources and references throughout the world is maintained at HomeopathyHome. At this site you’ll find links to homeopathic pharmacies, booksellers, societies and organisations, practitioners, schools and colleges, discussion groups and forums, journals, educational sites, homeopathic software manufacturers and retailers, homeopathic hospitals, research citations, and veterinary resources.

The links on this page are to a small selection of personal favourites and sites I’ve found helpful and/or interesting and intriguing. Some of them you won’t find at HomeopathyHome. Some are at the general interest level; others are more appropriate for professional homeopaths.

Click on any of the categories from the menu left or simply scroll down the page. The first link in each category will take you directly to the appropriate page at HomeopathyHome. Clicking on any of the links will open up the selected site in a new browser window. Links are regularly checked and updated, but I can’t guarantee they will always work.

If you find any broken links or have any homeopathy-related personal favourites or sites of interest that aren’t listed here or at HomeopathyHome, please contact me and let me know as I’d like to hear about them.

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy Remedia Homeopathy

Homeopathic Resources


In addition to separate pharmacy listings, there is also an online remedy shop at the site. For USA and Canada (and worldwide) click here. For UK and Europe (and worldwide) click here.

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy
Helios have an enormous range of quality remedies. Remedy kits available. Online international mail order service.

Remedia Homeopathy
High quality Austrian homeopathic pharmacy who stock Jan Scholten's Lanthanide remedies (see May 2005 Blog), among others. Online international mail order service. top

Hom-Inform Database

Libraries and Booksellers

Several references in several countries/languages.

The British Homœopathic Library
The British Homœopathic Library at Glasgow Homœopathic Hospital runs library and information services in homeopathy. Library staff perform literature searches, answer queries and supply literature. The Hom-Inform Database of indexed literature references in homeopathy is searchable free online from this web site.

B Jain
Indian publishers and booksellers who supply low-cost reprints of the majority of the classic homeopathic texts. Also co-publishers of the Indian journal The Homœopathic Heritage. Online bookstore.

Minerva Homeopathic Books
UK homeopathic bookseller, now with a web presence. Online store coming soon. Mail-order only. top

Sir John Weir (1879-1971)

Sir John Weir (1879-1971)
Royal Homœopathic Physician serving George V, Edward VIII, George VI and the present queen, Elizabeth II.

“ I suppose not one of us has approached homeopathy otherwise than with doubt and mistrust; but facts have been too much for us. ”
Sir John Weir in a speech to the Liverpool Medical Students Debating Society in 1940, as quoted by Gaier

Alternative Health UK Directory

Societies and Practitioner Referrals


European Council for Classical Homeopathy
The voice of the homeopathic profession in Europe. Introduction to homeopathy. Details of member associations. Calendar of seminars and conferences.

Society of Homeopaths (UK)
The UK’s main registering body of non-medically qualified homeopaths. The site has a searchable database of registered practitioners organised by area. Also several introductory articles and details of the Society’s activities.

Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK
A UK-based alternative medicine, complementary therapy and natural healthcare resource. Directories of practitioners by area and therapy, events, bookshop, articles

Database of alternative health practitioners, religious and spiritual disciplines and yoga resources.

Alternative Health UK Directory
Another new database of alternative health practitioners in the UK by area. Also alternative health resources and news.

Homeopathy Cures
Compiled by US classical practitioner Steve Waldstein, and now maintained by Sheri Nakken, this site lists classical practitioners in the USA and Canada.

First Aid and Online Consultations
Links to a variety of helpful sites from Indian homeopath Sarvadaman


Discussion groups and forums

HomeopathyHome Discussion Forum
Bulletin board and live chat room.

Homeopathy Mailing List
Unmoderated worldwide discussion group of practitioners, students and interested lay persons.

Homeopathy Open
Worldwide study group. Unmoderated. Smaller group than the Homeopathy Mailing List with no particular bias to any method of practicing. Requires basic grounding in homeopathy to participate. Mainly practitioners.

Worldwide discussion forum of a mainly classical nature. Unmoderated. Founded by Iranian homeopath Dr Ardavan Shahrdar. Requires basic grounding in homeopathy to participate. Mainly

Miranda Castro

Miranda Castro

Louuis Klein

Lou Klein

Massimo Mangialavori

Massimo Mangialavori

Rajan Sankaran

Rajan Sankaran

Jan Scholten

Jan Scholten

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr

Julian Winston

Julian Winston

Roger van Zandvoort

Roger van Zandvoort


Other Homeopaths

Sites of various practitioners organised by country.

Miranda Castro
Miranda Castro is well known for her excellent beginners books The Complete Homeopathy Handbook and Homeopathy for Mother and Baby. One of the UK's finest homeopaths, now living in Florida. As well as being a useful resource, her website is a delight. Her vivaciousness, energy and enthusiasm leap off every page.

Colour in Homeopathy
Interesting work from two German homeopathic doctors (Herbert Sigwart and Ulrich Welte) about the relationship between remedies and colours, based on the discoveries of Dr Hugbald Volker Müller of Cologne. This site gives details of their book on the subject together with colour tables.

Dr Brian Kaplan
Author of The Homeopathic Conversation, Dr Brian Kaplan’s site is less about homeopathic services and products and more about homeopathy itself as experienced by the homeopath and his or her patients. Weekly articles on topical medical news.

Louis Klein
One of North America's greatest teachers of homeopathy, with an approach solidly grounded in the clinic. The site has details of courses, including an online foundational course in homeopathy and a master clinician's course, provings, and publications.

David Little’s Homeopathic Online Education
Scholarly site of interest to professional homeopaths in the extensive work that David has done on Hahnemann’s writings and on potency and dosage. Also has an extensive First Aid section, plus an online class in classical homeopathy.
Interview (September 2005) with David about his work.

Joy Lucas
An informative site focusing on materia medica and featuring Joy's remedy descriptions. Recently, Joy has started a series of provings of little-known remedies which can be downloaded from the site.

Massimo Mangialavori
Site of well-known Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori. Details of his courses and publications, plus cases and articles. More for the serious student or practitioner.
Review of Massimo's Augsburg (Germany, March 2000) seminar on the Arsenicums.
Review of Massimo's Edinburgh (Occtober 2005) seminar on remedies for panic and crisis.

Misha Norland’s School of Homeopathy
An introduction to the School, its faculty, and various aspects of study with one of the world's foremost schools of classical homœopathy. Correspondence courses are included. Open information on provings conducted by the School, publications and a calendar of events.

Dr A U Ramakrishnan
Honorary homeopathic physician to the President of India, Dr Ramakrishnan is gaining particular worldwide recognition for the results he's achieved with his treatment protocol for cancer.

Gaby Rottler
Original texts, articles and translations in English, French and German of some of the older less well-known homeopathic writings that Gaby has found and researched.

Rajan Sankaran
Site of renowned Indian homeopath Dr Rajan Sankaran. Details of his publications and seminars, with a calendar of events and recent conference presentation and seminar notes. Links to his other sites, including his clinic in Mumbai.

Jan Scholten
Well-known for his work on the mineral remedies in the context of the periodic table, and taxonomic classifications in relation to the plant kingdom. This site gives details of Jan’s publications and his worldwide seminar programme.
Review of Jan's Edinburgh (Scotland, May 2005) seminar on the Lanthanide remedies.

Jeremy Sherr’s Dynamis
Jeremy Sherr is well known internationally for his quality work on modern provings and the excellent post-graduate courses he teaches. The site has details of courses, Dynamis publications and contains a provings catalogue.

Dr Tinus Smits
Tinus Smits has done some extensive work on post-vaccination syndrome and on universal layers he has identified in long-term treatment. Some good remedy pictures. Also contains details of his publications and his work in Nepal. Site in English, German and Dutch. More for the serious student or professional.

Dana Ullman’s Homeopathic Educational Services
Homeopathic Educational Services has an large collection of articles for both beginners and practitioners. Introduction to homeopathy, large selection of articles on specific ailments, research references and comments. Books can be purchased online.

Dr Prafull Vijayakar's Predictive Homeopathy
An interesting methodology bridging modern scientific knowledge and homeopathy, Dr Vijayakar's successes with his approach are becoming more widely known and taught outside India.

Jörg Wichmann
Jörg Wichmann's is a systematic homeopathic provings database organised according to taxonomic classification and recording provings from Hahnemann to the present day. The database has been extensively revised and updated, and the site was relaunched in September 2008.

Julian Winston
Personal site of one of homeopathy's foremost historians and editor of the US journal Homeopathy Today. Various articles on the history of homeopathy, a guide to the Organon, documentation of Julian's huge library and homeopathic ephemera, homeopathy in New Zealand, details of Julian's books ... and his banjo and pedal steel guitar.
Review of Julian's Ankaran (Slovenia, August 2004) seminar on homeopathic history.
Sadly, Julian died on June 12 2005. JW, you are sorely missed.

Roger van Zandvoort
Repertorium Universale/Complete Repertory author Roger van Zandvoort’s site. Details of his repertories and their availability, articles on repertories and repertorisation, interviews, case examples showing different repertorisation


Homeopathic resources online

Extensive listing of both old and recent books available online in English, French, German and Italian, books to download, articles.

Homéopathe International
French site with English translation. Large collection of books from the old masters online (also listed at Homeopathy Home).

Plants and Funghi used in Homeopathy
Vilma Bharatan's online searchable database at the Natural History Museum, London, referencing plant/funghal names used in homeopathic remedies and their correct modern taxonomic nomenclature.

Interhomeopathy is a monthly international homeopathic Internet journal, whose aim is to foster the exchange of ideas, remedies, cases, and theory through the publication of articles. It is free and open to everyone, professionals, patients, and the curious among us. The journal welcomes the diversity, in which homeopathy is practiced worldwide and invites homeopathic practitioners to share their knowledge and experience.

Homeopathy 4 Everyone
Online homeopathic resource and information portal, including monthly online homeopathic journal.

Complete Dynamics
Roger van Zandvoort's Complete Repertory online and free. The full book, with powerful search functions. Available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The Practitioner Edition contains additional Case Management, Analysis and Materia Medica modules.

Websters 1913 Dictionary
A useful resource for checking the correct meaning of terminology used by homeopaths of a century ago. The 1828 version of the dictionary is now available from the same site, and can be searched in tandem with the 1913


Conventional medical reference

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
The Centennial (17th) edition of this publication online. Searchable.

British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Online access to this publication. Searchable archives from January 1994 to present. Free .pdf downloads of articles. When searching using “homoeopathy” as search criteria, remember to spell it with the extra “o”. This also applies to the following site.

The Lancet
More restricted online access to Britain’s other premier general medical journal. Searchable archives. Registration is free and permits access to many articles free of charge. .pdf downloads also available. Full access requires subscription, though papers which are not free can be purchased individually.

Online dermatology atlases from the Department of Dermatology at the University of Erlangen, Germany. Searchable database of images of skin conditions. Site in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Vaccine Injury
A critical overview of vaccine side effects. Site now available in English as well as German. Database of reports of vaccine side-effects from people who were vaccinated (or whose children were vaccinated) to which you can also


Homeopathic Research

Clinical trials & studies

Extensive references to various sites containing pertinent research.

Faculty of Homeopathy/British Homeopathic Association
9-page section on research in homeopathy with description of various research approaches, commentary on major trials and listing of individual papers.

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Link to special issue devoted to homeopathy with comment and analysis of the meta-analysis published by Shang et al in the Lancet in August 2005 which was widely publicised as being the "last word" on the subject of whether homeopathy has any effect over that expected from placebo. All articles have free access to the full text. Free access is no longer available.
The journal also regularly publishes research papers on homeopathy.

The British Homœopathic Library
Online searchable database of all clinical trials involving homeopathy is available from the British Homeopathic Library at Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

Outcome and costs of homoeopathic and conventional treatment strategies: A comparative cohort study in patients with chronic disorders. Witt, C, Keil, T, Selim, D et al. Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2005) 13, 79-86. German study concluding from an analysis of outcomes for 493 patients that patients seeking homeopathic treatment had a better outcome overall compared with patients on conventional treatment.

Homeopathic medical practice: Long-term results of a cohort study with 3981 patients. Witt, Claudia M, Lüdtke, Rainer, Baur, Roland, and Willich, Stefan N. BMC Public Health 2005, 5:115. This prospective, multi-centre cohort study, was conducted by a research team at Berlin’s Charité University (Germany), including 103 primary care practices with additional specialization in homeopathy in Germany and Switzerland. Data from all patients (age > 1 year) consulting the physician for the first time were observed. The main outcome measures were patient and physician assessments and quality of life at baseline, and after 3, 12, and 24 months. A total of 3,981 patients were studied including 2,851 adults and 1,130 children. Ninety-seven percent of all diagnoses were chronic with an average duration of 8.8 years. Almost all patients had received conventional treatment (95%) prior to the start of this study. Disease severity decreased significantly (p<0.001) between baseline and 24 months. For adults and young children, major improvements were observed for quality of life, whereas no changes were seen in adolescents. Younger age and more severe disease at baseline were factors predictive of better therapeutic success. Disease severity and quality of life demonstrated marked and sustained improvements following homeopathic treatment period.

Homeopathic Treatment for Chronic Disease: A 6-Year, University-Hospital Outpatient Observational Study. Spence, David S and Thompson, Elizabeth A. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Volume 11, Number 5, 2005, pp. 793-798. Observational study of 6544 consecutive follow-up patients during a 6-year period in a hospital outpatient unit within an acute National Health Service (NHS) Teaching Trust in the United Kingdom. 70.7% of patients receiving homeopathic treatment reported positive health


General Readership

Homeopathic Family Medicine
Dana Ullman's ebook for general readership detailing existing research, approaches to treatment, and the scope for home prescribing, indexed by condition.

Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky
One of the best and most grounded introductions to homeopathy ever written, this lively and engaging book was inspired by the cure of the author's son from autism by

Messages from water

Messages from water

What the Bleep ...

What the Bleep ...

Alastair McIntosh

Alastair McIntosh

General Links

Other sites of interest

Jacques Benveniste
The site of the French scientist who’s work on the memory of water potentially offered insights into the action of homeopathic remedies. He was famously subject to a James Randi “investigation”, but carried on his investigations regardless. Sadly, Benveniste died in October 2004.

Messages from Water
An article describing the work of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto and his findings about the effect of the energy or vibrations of the environment on the crystalline structure of water.
Masaru Emoto now has his own websites.

Caroline Myss PhD
The author of The Creation of Health and Anatomy of the Spirit, Myss has written extensively on the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of health.

“What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know!?”
A movie presenting a series of views from physicists to theologians that the "reality" we inhabit is largely a matter of our own creation. A nice exposition of quantum physics for general consumption. Now finally arrived in the UK, check here for screenings.

Anne Baring
A website "devoted to the affirmation of a new vision of reality and to the exploration of the deeper issues facing us at this crucial time of choice". Excellent essays and commentary with depth and insight from a Jungian analyst and author.

Alastair McIntosh
Scottish writer, lecturer, social activist, broadcaster and campaigning academic from the Isle of Lewis, with a refreshing vigour and depth to his broad ecological perspectives. Author of Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power.

Resurgence Magazine
UK-published magazine featuring articles on topics such as ecology, climate change, science and spirituality, international isues, sustainable development, conflict resolution and organic living from leading writers and educationalists such as Deepak Choprs, Fritjof Capra, Wendell Berry.

Orion Magazine
In many ways the US equivalent of Resurgence, Orion's aim is to reconnect human culture with the natural world, blending scientific thinking with the arts, engaging the heart and mind, and striving to make clear what we all have in common.

Centre for Alternative Technology
Based in Machynlleth, Wales, CAT has been pioneering ecological and ethical solutions to the problems of modern life for many years. Renewable energy, alternative building techniques, sustainable development.

Cleve Backster
40 years of impeccably designed and conducted experiments on biocommunication.

Prof Ian Stevenson
40 years of methodical research into reincarnation.

Global Consciousness Project
At Princeton University.

The Official String Theory Web Site
Patricia Schwarz's informative site.

Jared Tarbell's fabulous site: “computational ecology” and “recreational mathematics”. Computer programming as both art and science. (You need Flash installed for this site.)

Crop Circles
A well put together presentation hosted by demonstrating why genuine crop circles can't be hoaxed. (You need Flash installed for this site.)

Richard Nolle
Accurate storm predictions using astrology. On the nail with the December 2004 tsunami, the hurricane-force winds that hit the UK 2 weeks later, and Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

Eric Francis
Highly perceptive astrological commentary with a savvy approach to the political scene.

Mark Krueger
Astrological commentary on the week ahead with a difference.




3 Quarks Daily
Superb filter blog "culling good stuff from all over and putting it in one place."

The Conversation
Suzanne Taylor's site featuring intelligent discussion about the changing times we live – Links to Homeopathic Internet Resources by homeopathic practitioner Wendy Howard