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Mount Roineabhal Summit Rock Essence

Accounts from Users

North Uist from the summit of Roineabhal. Photo © Gavin Shaw

The following are accounts from people who've used the essence and cases where the essence has been prescribed therapeutically.

North Uist from the summit of Roineabhal. (Photo © Gavin Shaw)


I am very satisfied in a way I have not been for years. [...] I feel totally free to do whatever my muse suggests in [projects] and actually in all areas of my life right now. It is a most pleasant place to be. [...] The remedy is giving me the life I have craved all of my life. It is just the most blessed gift anyone has ever given me. [...] It is amazing that I am not doubting my ability to do things well right now, be it crafts or cooking or anything. I feel I can create miracles right now. [...] I also have this solid feeling that my health is changing finally the way I want. [...] I have never, ever felt this grounded in all of my years. And it gets deeper by the month. The remedy cracked open the cosmic egg in my psyche.
JK (NY, USA) Dec 2005


© Wendy Howard, November 2005
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