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Mount Roineabhal Summit Rock Essence

Materia Medica & Repertory

South Harris from Tiogra Mor. Photo © Gavin Shaw

This page summarises the proving into homeopathic materia medica and repertory, and gives a timeline of world events during the proving period.

South Harris from Tiogra Mor. Roineabhal is the distant peak just to the right of centre. (Photo © Gavin Shaw)

Materia Medica

MINDDIS- disconnection, distraction, discrimination, dyslexia, dysphasia, dyspraxia. Abused. Great sensitivity to injustice. Desire for sunshine, outdoors, nature. Psychic. Clarity of perception in understanding motivation and conflict, and in discovering origin of chronic complaints. Conflicted – aware of feeling both extremes of polarities. Aggressive and assertive. Depression, helpless, hopelessness about state of world. Forgetfulness. Complete loss of memory for past events. Obstruction and delay. Delusions about body. Wavelike ebb and flow in mood and state of mind. Fragmentation vs integration. Euphoria. Desire for authenticity. Dreams of conflict and danger, life-threatening situations.

VERTIGO — Dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion in brain. Wavelike clearings. Alternation between clarity and confusion. As if looking down from a great height.

HEAD — Headaches from drinking coffee. SAI brain squeezed in head. Fleeting headaches. Hair smoother, softer, oilier.

EYE — Tremor in eyeballs > concentration/focussing. Discharge and grittiness when tired. Eyelids itching.

VISION — As if room moving towards her. As if room shaking. Acuity of near vision increased.

NOSE — Discharge increased < damp, humidity. Sneezing as if allergic to something.

SMELL — Increased sensitivity. Great attraction to certain smells (lavender, essence).

TEETH — Sensitivity amel. (curative).

THROAT — Catches in throat on waking.

EXTERNAL THROAT — Painful to touch. Pain connected to memory of abuse.

STOMACH — Nausea. Hiccoughs. Loss of appetite with constipation.

ABDOMEN — Sensation of burning and constriction in peritoneum.

RECTUM — Waves of constipation lasting 3-4 days. Anal fissures with bleeding on passing stool during constipated phase.

STOOL — Diarrhoea after fish/potatoes.

KIDNEY — Discomfort on drinking.

BLADDER — Urination dribbling by drops, as if obstructed, in waves of 1-3 days at a time.

URINE — Discolouration, green.

FEMALE — Menses delayed, retarded, suppressed. Flow watery, diminished.

SPEECH — Dysphasia. Confusing consonants, spoonerisms. As if intoxicated.

CHEST — SAI chest ripped open to expose heart. As if weight around heart. SAI sagging. Angina-like pain in right brachial plexus.

BACK — Shoulders tired as if from overwork. Burning in trapezius muscles. Rigidity. Weakness and spasm in lumbar region in waves.

EXTREMITIES — Warmth. Sensation of heat with objective coldness. Heaviness < damp weather. SAI swelling in fingers.

SLEEP — Disturbed. Cannot sleep again once disturbed. Cycles of waking at specific times nightly for several nights in succession. Cycles of intense sleepiness at specific times between midday and 5pm several days in succession.

SKIN —  Eruptions like flea bites (head, back, abdomen, hip, right leg), intensely itchy. Psoriasis.

GENERALITIES — Warm. Waves of heat like cold fire. < damp, humid conditions, coffee, red wine. Desires white wine. Sensations fleeting, circling. Periodicity, cyclical symptoms each with independent periodicity. Exhaustion. Sensitive to touch.

COMPARE: Lachesis, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Onchorynchus tschawytscha. Calcarea (Stage 2 elements), Alumina (Stage 3 elements), Silica (Stage 10 and 14 elements). Granite, Feldspar.

ANTIDOTE: Carduus marianus (untested).




The repertory symptoms below are listed at the lowest level of repertory hierachy only. Eg. the rubric EXTREMITIES; heat; sensation; upper limbs; fingers: would also appear in the rubrics EXTREMITIES; heat; sensation; upper limbs: and EXTREMITIES; heat; sensation:, but is listed only at the greatest level of specificity. Exceptions are where a higher level of hierarchy has a higher grading. Rubric grades are indicated by bold type (grade 2) and plain type (grade 1) and are graded according to the criteria used in Roger van Zandvoort's Complete Repertory/Repertorium Universale. New rubrics are indicated by an asterisk (*). The numbers in brackets indicate the number of remedies in the rubric in the Complete Repertory 2005.

This repertory was prepared using Roger van Zandvoort's donation-ware program RUBY, which is available for download from his website.


MIND; absent-mindedness: (246)
MIND; anger; injustice, at: (1)
MIND; anger; sudden: (23)
MIND; anger; trifles, about: (111)
MIND; anxiety; world, for the: (3)
MIND; cares, worries; full of; nature, for, animals, plants etc.: (3)
MIND; censorious, critical: (125)
MIND; clairsentient: (1)
MIND; clairvoyance: (59)
MIND; concentration; difficult: (423)
MIND; confidence; self, in: (41)
MIND; conflict between higher consciousness and worldly existence: (3)
MIND; confusion of mind; identity, as to his: (82)
MIND; contented: (83)
* MIND; contradictory; impulses, desires, thoughts, are:
MIND; country, desire for, to go into the: (16)
* MIND; delusions, imaginations; body, body parts; arms; wings, are:
MIND; delusions, imaginations; body, body parts; erroneous ideas as to the state of his: (10)
MIND; delusions, imaginations; body, body parts; fat, is: (2)
MIND; delusions, imaginations; abused, being: (12)
MIND; delusions, imaginations; discriminated, is: (1)
MIND; delusions, imaginations; high places, he is in: (1)
MIND; delusions, imaginations; separated; himself and his life, from: (3)
MIND; delusions, imaginations; separated; world, from the, that he is: (48)
MIND; delusions, imaginations; unreal; everything is: (56)
MIND; despair; world, for the: (2)
MIND; detached: (52)
MIND; dictatorial: (57)
MIND; discouraged: (194)
MIND; dreams; attacked, of being: (14)
MIND; dreams; belonging, not: (1)
MIND; dreams; brutality: (3)
MIND; dreams; bullying: (4)
MIND; dreams; capture, evading peoples: (1)
MIND; dreams; conflict: (1)
MIND; dreams; danger; impending: (3)
MIND; dreams; escape, of: (22)
MIND; dreams; searching: (6)
MIND; dreams; shots: (6)
MIND; dreams; soldier, soldiers; pursued by: (1)
MIND; dreams; unpleasant: (114)
MIND; dreams; unremembered: (135)

MIND; dreams; war; passing a war zone: (1)
MIND; dreams; witness, she is a: (2)
MIND; duty; want of sense of: (17)
MIND; dwells on; events, past disagreeable: (89)
MIND; environmental orientation; increased: (7)
MIND; euphoria, elation; alternating with; despair: (1)
MIND; euphoria, elation; music, from: (1)
MIND; fearlessness: (48)
MIND; fight, wants to; accusations, against false: (1)
MIND; fight, wants to; rebellious: (2)
MIND; forgetfulness: (335)
MIND; forgetfulness; things, of where he put: (4)
MIND; forsaken feeling: (172)
MIND; helplessness, feeling of: (73)
MIND; home; go, desire to: (58)
MIND; homesickness, nostalgia: (86)
MIND; horrible things, sad stories affect profoundly, agg.: (32)
MIND; ideas; abundant: (151)
MIND; industrious, mania for work: (168)
MIND; injustice, cannot support: (55)
MIND; introspection: (85)
MIND; irritability; questioned, when: (28)
MIND; irritability; trifles, about: (111)
MIND; light; desire for; sunshine: (6)
MIND; love; nature, for: (16)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; do, for what he was about to: (66)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; done, for what he has just: (61)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; everyday things, for: (9)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; facts, for: (31)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; happened, for what has: (30)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; heard, for what he has: (29)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; occurrences of the day: (11)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; put objects, for where he has: (5)
MIND; memory; weakness, loss of; said, for what has: (42)
MIND; misanthropy: (55)
MIND; mistakes, making; spelling, in; wonders how the word how is spelled: (1)
MIND; mistakes, making; talking; misplacing words: (59)
MIND; mistakes, making; talking; sounds, transposes: (5)
MIND; mistakes, making; talking; wrong; words, using: (99)
MIND; mistakes, making; writing, in; adds letters: (2)
MIND; mistakes, making; writing, in; confounding letters: (8)
MIND; mistakes, making; writing, in; transposing; letters: (20)
MIND; moral affections; want of moral feeling: (68)
MIND; music; desires; classical: (1)
MIND; objective, reasonable: (24)
MIND; obstinate, headstrong: (152)
MIND; shrieking, screaming, shouting: (257)
MIND; stupefaction, as if intoxicated: (332)
MIND; sun, sunlight; amel.: (3)
MIND; thoughts; persistent; two trains of thoughts: (20)
MIND; tranquillity, serenity, calmness: (206)
MIND; truth; tells the plain: (19)
MIND; violence, vehemence; general: (151)


VERTIGO; alcohol, alcoholic drinks, as after: (13)
VERTIGO; chronic: (12)
VERTIGO; fall, tendency to: (258)
VERTIGO; intoxicated feeling: (138)
* VERTIGO; objects seem; approach, to:
VERTIGO; objects seem; move, to; vibrate: (1)


HEAD; changing place, as if parts of brain are: (1)
HEAD; constriction; brain: (34)
HEAD; crazy feeling: (3)
HEAD; disagreeable feeling: (3)
* HEAD; eruptions; flea bites, like:
HEAD; greasy; hair: (32)
HEAD; intoxicated feeling: (77)
HEAD; itching; occiput: (27)
HEAD; itching; sides: (7)
HEAD; lightness: (43)
* HEAD; pain; coffee; after, 48 hours after:
HEAD; pain; extending to; ears: (80)
HEAD; pain; vertex: (379)
HEAD; pain; fleeting: (1)
HEAD; pressure; general; vertex: (1)
* HEAD; tingling, prickling; warm, resting occiput on chair, after:
HEAD; tingling, prickling; occiput: (2)
* HEAD; waving sensation; clearing, rapid waves of, descending through body:


EYES; agglutinated; general: (187)
EYES; discharges of mucus or pus; general: (213)
EYES; itching; lids; margins, edges: (38)
EYES; pain; sand, as from: (165)
* EYES; quivering; side to side:
* EYES; twitching; looking intently amel:
EYES; twitching; reading, from: (1)


* VISION; approach, objects seem to:
VISION; acute: (78)
VISION; moving; objects seem to be; side to side (2)
VISION; trembling objects: (39)


NOSE; discharge; nares, posterior, choanae: (127)
* NOSE; discharge; dripping; bathing, after:
NOSE; sneezing; general: (490)


SMELL; acute: (151)


FACE; eruptions; itching: (102)


TEETH; sensitive, tender: (130)


* THROAT; constriction; waking, on:
* THROAT; convulsions, spasms; waking, on:


NECK; pain; right: (2)
NECK; pain; touch, on: (4)


* STOMACH; appetite; diminished; constipation, with:
STOMACH; hiccough: (274)
* STOMACH; nausea; depression, with:
STOMACH; nausea; afternoon: (79)
STOMACH; tension: (108)
STOMACH; thirstlessness: (245)
* STOMACH; trembling; anticipation, as from:


* ABDOMEN; constriction; peritoneum:
ABDOMEN; constriction; diaphragm: (14)
* ABDOMEN; eruptions; sides; right:
ABDOMEN; eruptions; itching: (20)
ABDOMEN; eruptions; mosquito bite, like: (1)
* ABDOMEN; pain; burning, smarting; peritoneum, as if in:
ABDOMEN; pain; burning, smarting; extending; lumbar region, to: (1)
ABDOMEN; pain; burning, smarting; diaphragm: (2)


RECTUM; constipation; inertia; with: (4)
RECTUM; fissures; general; constipation, from: (1)
RECTUM; fissures; general; bleeding: (8)
RECTUM; fissures; general; painless: (4)
* RECTUM; inactivity; periodic:


STOOL; impacted: (10)
STOOL; large: (114)


BLADDER; obstructed sensation: (2)
BLADDER; urination; dribbling by drops: (180)


* KIDNEYS; pain; drinking, when:


URINE; color; greenish: (67)


FEMALE; menses; absent, amenorrhea: (251)
FEMALE; menses; late, too: (241)
FEMALE; menses; pale, watery: (99)
FEMALE; menses; scanty: (252)


SPEECH & VOICE; speech; intoxicated, as if: (12)


* CHEST; sinking, sagging sensation, internal:
CHEST; heaviness: (100)
CHEST; open, as if: (6)
CHEST; oppression: (436)


* HEART & CIRCULATION; presence, aware of, can feel mass and shape of heart:
HEART & CIRCULATION ; oppression, heart: (170)


* BACK; convulsions, spasms; general; lumbar region; fleeting, bending agg.:
BACK; eruptions; flea bites, as from: (2)
* BACK; eruptions; itching; scratch, must, though does not amel.:
* BACK; eruptions; itching; scratch, must, until it bleeds:
* BACK; eruptions; itching; evening; night, and; agg.:
BACK; eruptions; itching; dorsal region: (0)
BACK; itching: (206)
* BACK; shivering; touch, from:
BACK; stiffness: (365)
BACK; weakness, tired feeling; lumbar region: (136)


EXTREMITIES; eruptions; flea bites, as from; lower limbs: (2)
EXTREMITIES; eruptions; psoriasis; lower limbs; legs: (3)
EXTREMITIES; heat; general; hands and feet: (0)
EXTREMITIES; heat; sensation; upper limbs; fingers: (1)
* EXTREMITIES; heaviness, tired limbs; lower limbs; exercise in damp weather, during:
EXTREMITIES; heaviness, tired limbs; lower limbs; thighs: (79)
EXTREMITIES; heaviness, tired limbs; upper limbs: (213)
* EXTREMITIES; pain; exercise; as after:
EXTREMITIES; pain; upper limbs; nerves; plexus brachialis; right: (1)
EXTREMITIES; pain; aching; upper limbs; shoulders: (94)
* EXTREMITIES; pain; burning, smarting; muscles:
EXTREMITIES; pain; burning, smarting; upper limbs; shoulders: (50)
EXTREMITIES; pain; stitching; upper limbs; shoulders; right: (27)
EXTREMITIES; pain; sudden: (62)
EXTREMITIES; stiffness; general; upper limbs: (233)
EXTREMITIES; swelling; sensation of; upper limbs; fingers: (10)


SLEEP; disturbed; easily: (14)
SLEEP; falling asleep; difficult: (70)
* SLEEP; restless; constriction of brain, sensations of, with:
SLEEP; sleepiness; afternoon; agg.: (222)
SLEEP; sleeplessness; waking, after: (91)


SKIN; eruptions; flea bites, as from: (17)
SKIN; eruptions; psoriasis; spots: (1)


GENERALITIES; periodic; regular intervals, at: (3)
GENERALITIES; change; complaints, constant change of; rapid: (19)
GENERALITIES; food and drinks; coffee; agg.: (137)
GENERALITIES; food and drinks; healthy, desires: (1)
GENERALITIES; food and drinks; wine; agg.; red: (11)
GENERALITIES; food and drinks; wine; desires; white: (1)
GENERALITIES; heat; flushes of: (356)
GENERALITIES; lassitude; alternating with; mental clarity: (1)
GENERALITIES; touch; sensitive to: (126)
GENERALITIES; weakness; excessive: (22)


World News Timeline

Since it's often been observed that a sympathetic resonance exists between substances and the world events that take place at the same time as their provings, the following list notes some of the major events taking place during the proving period. Additionally, there was a seemingly endless succession of revelations of corruption in high places in many countries and in many corporations; far too many to list. The ongoing conflict between Iraqis and the occupying forces in their country continued throughout the period.



JUNE (Click link for more detailed news summary)
June 5. Alastair McIntosh receives the summit rock from its sanctuary with the Mi'kmaq Nation.
June 7. Scientists at UCLA use a pyroelectric crystal to produce an electric field of about 100,000 volts, accelerating hydrogen nuclei and producing helium nuclei in the subsequent collisions. This cold fusion experiment has been repeated successfully, and other scientists have confirmed the results.
June 11. The G8 announces the cancellation of the multilateral debt of eighteen of the poorest countries in the world.
June 13. In Canada, city of Calgary is under state of emergency in the first of 3 waves of major flooding. An earthquake of magnitude 7.9 hits Chile.
June 16. The Metropolitan Police in the UK report that children are being trafficked into the UK from Africa to be used as 'human sacrifices'.
June 24. In China, death toll in summer floods has risen to 536.

JULY (Click link for more detailed news summary)
July 4. Comet Tempel blasted by collision with NASA probe.
July 6-8. G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. Widespread protests on environmental issues and Developing World debt.
July 7. Bombings in London in the midst of the G8 summit in Gleneagles.
July 10. Hurricane Dennis hits Florida, Mississippi and Alabama after battering Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Atlantic's first hurricane this year was the strongest to form in the Atlantic this early in the season since records began in 1851.
July 18. Essence created. Super Typhoon Haitang (Feria), the first major typhoon of the 2005 season in the northwestern Pacific, makes landfall on Taiwan causing flash floods and landslides.
July 21. Police shoot Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in London, mistaking him for a terrorist bomber.
July 23. Bombing in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt.
July 28. Floods in Mumbai leave over 700 dead – the greatest monsoon floods in 100 years. A tornado rips through Birmingham, England, destroying many homes. The IRA announce the conflict is over.
July 29. Discovery of 3 new Kuiper Belt objects announced, one – 2003 UB313, code-named 'Xena' – is larger than Pluto and is being hailed as the 10th planet of the solar system.
July 30. Summit rock of Mount Roineabhal returned to the summit of the mountain.

AUGUST (Click link for more detailed news summary)
August 2. Air France plane skids off Toronto runway during severe lightning storm and bursts into flames. All 309 passengers and crew survive.
August 5. Earthquake in Papua, Indonesia, reached 6.0 on the Richter scale.
August 6. Former British Cabinet Minister Robin Cook dies suddenly at the age of 59 on the summit of a mountain in the NW Highlands of Scotland.
August 7. In China, flood in coal mine (link expired) traps at least 102. Peter Jennings, ABC News anchor, dies of cancer.
August 10. Helicopter crashes into the Gulf of Finland with no survivors.
August 11. Malaysia announces a state of emergency in two towns after air pollution from fires lit to clear land in neighbouring Indonesia reaches dangerous levels.
August 12. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
August 14. Helios Airways Flight 522 crashes near Athens, with at least 121 onboard.
August 15. 60th anniversary celebrations of the end of WWII. The Indonesian government and rebels from the Free Aceh Movement sign a peace deal aimed at ending their near 30 year conflict.
August 16. West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 from Colombia crashes in a remote region of Venezuela with 160 people on board. A magnitude-7.2 earthquake strikes northeastern coast of Honshu, Japan.
August 23. At least 41 die when a Boeing 737-200 crashes near Pucallpa, Peru, with 100 on board, the fifth major airline accident this month.
August 24. Heavy floods hit Switzerland, Austria and Germany forcing thousands of people to abandon their homes.
August 25. Super Typhoon Mawar hits Japan.
August 28. Bomb blast hits Philippines ferry.
August 29. Hurricane Katrina strikes Mississippi delta, flooding New Orleans.
August 31. More than 965 people die in a stampede on the Al-Aaimmah bridge over the river Tigris in Baghdad, after rumours a suicide bomber was amongst them.

SEPTEMBER (Click link for more detailed news summary)
September 4. Typhoon Talim (Isang) brings torrential rains and landslides in China's Anhui Province leaving at least 110 dead.
September 5. Mandala Airlines flight crashes into a residential area of the Indonesian city of Medan.
September 6. Typhoon Nabi (Jolina) kills at least 21 in Japan with over 50 still missing.
September 9. Earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale off the eastern coast of Papua New Guinea.
September 11. Over 800,000 people in China's Zhejiang province evacuate as the province is hit by Typhoon Khanun.
September 12. Israel completes pullout from Gaza.
September 17. North Korea (link expired) agrees to drop all nuclear weapons programs.
September 24. Hurricane Rita hits Texas and Louisiana coasts. Hundreds of thousands of people protest Iraq war.
September 25. A magnitude 7.5 earthquake, the strongest in the country in four years, strikes northern Peru.
September 29. David Nabarro, newly appointed Senior UN System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza, warns that an outbreak of avian influenza could kill 5 to 150 million people.

OCTOBER (Click link for more detailed news summary)
October 1. Series of bomb explosions in Bali, Indonesia.
October 2. The astronomers who discovered 2003 UB313 'Xena', referred to as "the tenth planet" by NASA and some media outlets, announce that it has a moon, codenamed 'Gabrielle'.
October 3. Super Typhoon Longwang (Maring) hits Fujian, south-east China.
October 7. Hurricane Stan hits Central America. Torrential rain buries Guatemalan villages in mudslides. Floods in Bangladesh.
October 8. Massive magnitude-7.6 earthquake devastates Kashmir.
October 9. Hurricane Vince, formed north-west of Madeira, may be the farthest north and east a tropical cyclone has ever formed in the Atlantic Basin and developed over water temperatures thought to be too low to generate a tropical storm.
October 19. Hurricane Wilma becomes the most intense tropical cyclone ever measured in the Atlantic basin, intensifying from tropical storm to category 5 hurricane in just 16 hours. The 2005 hurricane season now boasts three of the five most intense hurricanes of all time – Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.
October 21. Hurricane Wilma hits Mexico's Yucat√°n Peninsula with winds in excess of 150 mph, and remains stationary for over 24 hours.
October 22. Tropical Storm Alpha (link expired) forms in the Carribean becoming the record-breaking 22nd named storm of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season with a month of the season still to go. (The 2005 season went on to break even more records with the 27th and last storm dissipating on January 6 2006.)
October 23. Nigerian airline flight crashes shortly after take-off from Lagos with no survivors.
October 24. Hurricane Wilma makes landfall in Florida as a category 3 hurricane.


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