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Mount Roineabhal Summit Rock Essence


An Clisham and South Harris from Teileasbhal. Photo © Gavin Shaw
An Clisham and South Harris from Teileasbhal. Roineabhal is the most distant peak on the far right. (Photo © Gavin Shaw)

Please make sure you read enough of the preceding pages to satisfy yourself that the essence feels right for you. It may bring up deep-seated, possibly painful issues, so please make sure you're prepared for that and that you have adequate support (if needed) to understand and integrate what's revealed. Equally, if it's not appropriate for you at this time in your life, it may catalyse very little. Gut feeling can often be as useful in deciding whether it's right for you as rational analysis, though using astrology (see Chart) may help.

No profit will be made from the sale of this essence. If sales reach the point of covering material expenses, all surplus will be donated to organisations working in various ways to heal the fragmentation in our collective and individual psyches and our relationship with the Earth. Suggestions of suitable organisations are welcome.


The essence is supplied in both stock strength and treatment strength solutions in 30ml (1oz) cobalt-blue glass dropper bottles. It contains pure hill water from the Scottish Borders (from the same source as was used to made the mother tincture) and fruit brandy and is available in two flavours – blackberry (purple-brown label) and apricot (grey-green label).


To make up a treatment solution from stock solution, put 7 drops of the stock solution into a clean 30ml (1oz) dropper bottle and add 3 parts water and 1 part alcohol.

Recommended dosage of the treatment solution (whether made up from stock or supplied directly) is 7 drops under the tongue 3 times a day, and at this rate 30ml of treatment solution will last about 3-4 weeks. Dosage should be varied as needed however – don't continue with that dosage level if it feels like too much. The frequency of the dose seems to be more critical than the number of drops.

Alternatively, a dose can be diluted in water and sipped gradually. The essence can also be used in a spray mist, or dropped onto a quartz crystal to amplify its effect and energise larger areas.

Although effects from the essence can be felt immediately, most people experience change gradually rather than suddenly, so treatment may well be required over some period of time to work with deep-seated issues.

For those who prefer no alcohol, put the 7 drops of stock solution into the dosing bottle with 30ml (1oz) of freshly boiled water and allow it to cool before capping. The alcohol will be driven off by the heat. You can then keep it in the refridgerator. Monitor its condition carefully (as it contains nothing to preserve it) and be very careful not to touch the dropper which may introduce contamination. Discard if it shows any signs of going cloudy. In any case, do not keep it beyond 14 days.

Similarly a dose from a treatment solution containing alcohol can be put in a cup of freshly boiled water and allowed to cool, then the water sipped as needed.

Should you want to antidote the effects of the essence for any reason, the homeopathic remedy Carduus marianus (or its herbal form Milk Thistle) may be effective. (NB. This information came from someone highly sensitive to the interaction of the two energies and it has not yet been tried in practice – please tell me if you do.)


Store the essence upright away from sources of strong light, heat and electromagnetic radiation. While the essence will most likely survive exposure to any of these, none are conducive to its longevity. The shelf-life stated on the bottle of stock solution is a conservative estimate. Kept free from contamination, the stock solution should last indefinitely, though the rubber bulb on the dropper bottle may not. 30ml (1oz) of stock solution should provide sufficient essence for 120 bottles of treatment solution, or approximately 4½ years of continual treatment. The treatment solution contains a lower proportion of alcohol so the shelf-life should not be exceeded.


PLEASE NOTE: At this time the essence is not available to purchase. I have moved country and my stock of the essence is in storage and presently inaccessible. This notice will be removed as soon as it is available again.

The essence costs £11.50 per 30ml bottle of stock solution, and £5.00 per 30ml bottle of treatment solution. Delivery is by standard mail only. Secure online payment can be made through PayPal. If you prefer not to pay online, I can accept personal cheques in UK£. The address to send them is on the Contact page. Please add postage & packing as follows:

  Postage (£11.50 per 30ml + P&P) (£5.00 per 30ml + P&P)
UK £1.20 Total £12.70 Total £6.20
Europe £1.80 Total £13.30 Total £6.80
Rest of the World £2.30 Total £13.80 Total £7.30


I will despatch the essence as soon as I receive confirmation of your order and payment. Confirmation of your order will be sent to you, and you'll also be notified as soon as the essence is despatched. If you don't receive confirmation within 48 hours of your order, please email me.

Alternatively, if PayPal does not process payment from your country or this feels like a preferable way to obtain it, I'm happy to accept whatever you might feel is a suitable exchange for the essence.

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To purchase via PayPal, use this form. Your delivery address will be taken by PayPal and forwarded to me with notification of your order.

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Please click the button for the essence strength you want in the region you live in after selecting the flavour you prefer. The purchase price shown will be the total cost including shipping. REST OF THE WORLD Stock strength
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© Wendy Howard, November 2005
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